Most Popular Bingo Calls

Dean McHugh
3 July 2023

When it comes to popular games in the UK, Bingo stands out as one that, thanks to its charms, has found a place in the ranking. Its origins are traced back to the 16th century and have captured the hearts of millions. Whether you enjoy the game in a dedicated bingo hall or the reels of online gaming, it has become a beloved pastime nationwide.

But why? There are many reasons, and the fun atmosphere may be one of the biggest. And what makes it so much fun? Well, that’s easy to answer – the unique slang and calls!

Whether it’s a cheerful “Two Fat Ladies!” or a cheeky “Duck and Dive!” bingo calls serve as a sort of secret language! These calls instantly connect players and infuse the chat with a sense of camaraderie. It’s like having a virtual bingo hall at your fingertips, where laughter and banter freely flow.

So, grab that cuppa, and let us take you on a rollicking adventure through the most popular bingo slang and phrases!

Bingo Calls: What Are They? And Why Are They Important?

Before we discuss the bingo calls themselves, we should look at what they are and why they’re important. We are sure if you’ve ever stepped foot in a bingo hall or joined an online game, you’ve likely encountered bingo calls.

But what exactly are they? The best way to understand them is to consider bingo a secret language. They are a unique set of phrases assigned to each number called out during gameplay. They add humour and excitement, making bingo much more than a simple numbers game.

Bingo callers (the folks that shout out those numbers) sought a way to inject some flair as the game gained popularity. So in the early 20th century, they began using creative phrases for every number. These phrases often rhyme with the number. The calls caught on very quickly and became integral to the whole bingo experience.

Bingo calls play a crucial role beyond just announcing numbers, though. The calls are tools that help the caller and the players break the ice, spark conversation, and even help forge connections among players.

Popular Bingo Calls & Phrases: A Glossary

Understanding each phrase and what they mean can really change your experience. So now it’s time to take a look at some of the most popular calls in the game!

So what does it mean when the caller says…

Eyes Down (Looking):

“Eyes down” simply means it’s time to be fully present and embrace the thrill of the game. In other words, it’s time to concentrate on those bingo cards and prepare for the game.

Kelly’s Eye (1):

“Kelly’s eye” is an endearing term for the number one. But why Kelly? It’s a playful nod to the notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. So when you hear this term, picture a rugged outlaw with a single eye and have a little laugh to yourself.

One Little Duck (2):

Quack, quack! This call is the playful call for number two. Mark that adorable number two on your card when you hear it, and join in the fun.

Cup of Tea (3):

Fancy a cuppa? “Cup of tea” is the call for the number three. It’s a nod to the British cultural love for tea. When you hear it, raise your imaginary teacup and enjoy the connection between bingo and British culture.

Knock at the Door (4):

Knock knock. “Knock at the door” is the call for the number four. Why the number four, you asked? That is simply because it rhymes with the number, adding just a touch of humour to the game. Plus, who doesn’t love a good knock-knock joke?

Tom Mix (6):

“Tom Mix” is the call for number six. This brings a little touch of over-the-pond fun to the bingo halls of Britain with an ode to the legendary cowboy star of Hollywood!

Sweet Sixteen (16):

We’re sure you can imagine that this phrase is used to designate the number 16 on your bingo card. This is an important celebration for many young people worldwide, opening up a world of possibility.

Dancing Queen (17):

This term is used to call fired by the popular song from ABBA, and it brings a touch of musical flair to the game. It’s a moment to unleash all the joys and fun you’re having during your bingo game.

Coming of Age (18):

In bingo, “Coming of Age” stands in for number 18! This is a pivotal age that designates a big life stage. So while you mark off that number on your bingo card, put on your adult hat and chuckle a little.

Goodbye Teens (19):

Say ciao to the teenage years of bingo! “Goodbye Teens” is how the caller says nineteen. After all, it is the transition into a new decade of excitement and possibilities.

Two Little Ducks (22):

“Two Little Ducks” equates to the number twenty-two in bingo. It comes from the visual representation of two twos and how they resemble a pair of ducks.

Duck and Dive (25):

“Duck and Dive” is the call for number twenty-five in bingo, adding a touch of mysterious excitement to the game. It captures the agile nature of ducks gracefully manoeuvring through obstacles.

Gateway to Heaven (27):

This phrase is the call for number twenty-seven in bingo, symbolising a celestial journey. So, step through the gateway, leave those worries behind, and enjoy the heavenly adventure of bingo!

Buckle My Shoe (32):

“Buckle My Shoe” is the call for number thirty-two. It brings a carefree atmosphere to your bingo game. So, slip on your imaginary shoes, embrace the fun, and prepare for a joyful bingo experience!

Christmas Cake (38):

Instead of yelling out thirty-eight, sometimes you might hear “Christmas Cake.” It’s never bad to throw a touch of holiday cheer into the game.

Winnie the Pooh (42):

“Winnie the Pooh” is the call for number forty-two in bingo, invoking a sense of nostalgia. This playful connection to the beloved character brought to us by a British writer brings a touch of joy to the game.

Bull’s Eye (50):

“Bull’s Eye” is the call for number fifty in bingo, bringing a thrilling sense of precision to the game. This call, derived from hitting the centre of a target, represents a victorious moment.

PC (52):

This call for number fifty-two in bingo adds a touch of tech humour to the game. This call playfully refers to Personal Computers, bringing a modern twist to the traditional game.

Never Been Kissed (60):

“Never Been Kissed” is the call for number sixty in bingo. This call playfully references a memorable romantic milestone, creating a lighthearted atmosphere.

Two Fat Ladies (88):

“Two Fat Ladies” is the call for number eighty-eight in bingo, bringing a dose of humour and cultural references to the game. The origins of this call can be traced back to British working-class humour. Here phrases and nicknames were used to bring an element of fun to everyday activities. The term “Two Fat Ladies” itself is a nod to British humour’s cheeky and irreverent nature, emphasising the playful side of bingo.

Though these are not all of the bingo calls you may run into, these are definitely the most popular and a good starting point for you!

Why Does Knowing These Calls Change Your Online Experience?

Online bingo comes with some pretty ace interactive features. The star of the show? The live chat, of course. Bingo live chat is where the magic happens!
This vibrant virtual space allows players to share stories, crack jokes, and have a good time. And guess what spices up that atmosphere? Bingo lingo!

Bingo lingo adds a whole new level of entertainment and builds a sense of community. It’s all about engagement, laughter, and connection between players. So, why not embrace that hilarious banter?

Final Thoughts

Bingo just has a special charm that brings generations together, and the phrases and slang are one of the reasons for that. It’s all about laughter, camaraderie, and creating those epic moments that stick with you. So, get ready to meet new bingo buddies, laugh till your belly hurts, and make memories that’ll stay with you forever.

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