How to Cheat at Blackjack

23 January 2023

Blackjack is a popular table game at casinos, offline and online. In this category, the titles boast unique gameplay, requiring skill and strategy to win consistently.

However, you will commonly find users trying to tilt the odds in their favour by cheating at blackjack. Whether you are a new or seasoned punter, it helps to know the most popular techniques. But you must avoid using these blackjack cheating methods as they are considered illegal on most casino platforms, attracting legal penalties.

It is better to build your skill and perfect a strategy over time so you are not at risk of legal action while playing blackjack.

Is Card Counting a form of cheating in Blackjack?

The regular blackjack game between a punter and a dealer using a single deck of cards. The main appeal of blackjack is that there is no house edge, so you will break even in the long term by adopting a proven blackjack strategy. However, some punters choose to cheat instead of improving their skills to guarantee steady wins. Though some consider card counting a cheating technique, it is allowed at land-based and online casinos.

Counting cards in blackjack involves tracking particular cards as the croupier flips the deck. This way, players can predict their likely cards and the dealers in the next hand. It is commonly associated with brick-and-mortar casinos, as the gameplay is quite different at online gambling platforms. When present in person, a punter can monitor the dealer’s hands, but this is much harder on a small phone screen. This method boosts your winning odds by 1% and is not particularly considered cheating.

What is Card Marking in Blackjack?

This is a popular blackjack cheating method that involves applying dyes or scratching signs on cards in a deck for easy identification. Fraudulent players increase their chances of winning at land-based casinos using this technique. In some cases, they use dyes that are only detectable by special contact lenses and security cameras.

Therefore, while the croupier deals the doctored cards, they watch out for colour blocks or altered patterns on the back to predict the likely hand of the dealer.

Card marking is a known cheating method among expert blackjack players. However, it can only work at traditional casinos. One of the main advantages of playing blackjack at online gaming sites is that punters access the games through desktops and mobile devices. So, there is no direct contact with the dealers and card decks at online casinos.

This makes marked cards an impractical technique for cheating at online blackjack variations.

Techniques for Cheating at Blackjack

Though many casino games are based on luck, blackjack requires skill during gameplay. But many players still cheat to make huge winnings in a short time. We highlight a few blackjack cheating techniques below. It is advisable to never use these methods while playing, as they could attract serious legal consequences.

Card or Chip Switch

The card or chip switch method involves players switching their bets after placing them. It is similar to the changing of bets technique and became popular through Ricard Marcus’ million-dollar exploits. This famous gambler discovered that the $500 brown chips and $5 red chips were quite similar at some casinos.

So, he switched them to reduce losses and increase his winnings. Sometimes, punters also steal chips from their stacks to minimise their losses and add them back to boost winnings.

Changing the Bet

This method is also known as past posting. With this Changing the Bet technique, players alter the value of their wagers after discovering the results of the hands. A good example is a player who starts with a $100 bet comprising four $25 chips and gets a hand of King and Queen.

So, the cheater adds two more $25 chips to their wager as the croupier deals the cards because they are likely to win, increasing it to $150 without anyone noticing. When a losing situation occurs, they pull back chips from the stack.

Exploiting a Dealer

In this cheating method, players bribe the dealers so they work the outcomes in their favour. Since the game involves only punters and croupiers, it becomes too easy to win when one party is sabotaged. For instance, if a dealer is dissatisfied with the workplace, they might collude with a player to cheat at blackjack games and split the winnings.

Why Blackjack Cheating Methods Have a High Failure Rate

Players have used the above methods to make ridiculous winnings at blackjack over the years. However, most have been caught and are behind bars. This section discusses the various reasons why blackjack cheating methods have a high failure rate.

The Vigilant Casino Staff

Due to the history of different casinos with fraudsters, most venues place their staff on high alert to spot these players. Usually, this involves the pit boss and floor supervisors working together to detect any dubious activities and alert security.

However, dealers have to be most vigilant as they are the first line of contact. The other staff walk around, monitoring the tables for any suspicious play. This makes it difficult for players to avoid getting caught.

Top-Notch Surveillance Camera Systems

Another safety measure at most casinos is the state-of-the-art surveillance cameras monitoring the players’ actions. There are cameras at varying angles in a casino, sometimes fitted with motion sensors to detect suspicious body language.

Players cannot determine the direction of the lenses because the surveillance systems are hidden. Furthermore, trained operators are placed in a surveillance room behind large screens watching for discrepancies. Nowadays, there are even cameras with biometric recognition, making blackjack cheating a risky venture.

RFID Chips

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are a new technology to catch blackjack cheats at casino venues. With RFID, establishments can track chip movements to monitor the betting habits of various players.

This makes it easier to detect cheaters at blackjack tables. Also, casinos can track winning patterns to note any unusually high rates among punters using RFID chips. It is a fact that the house always wins, so players are not expected to enjoy consecutive wins at blackjack games.

Casino Database

The casino database holds records of all gambling activities, which might reveal irregular winning patterns if the data is analysed. Most establishments compare the results from blackjack games at various tables over a period.

By analysing player performances with complex statistical systems and machine learning algorithms, it is possible to discover fraudulent punters.


Cheaters are known for crafting creative methods to dupe casinos of large sums of money. This is unfair to legitimate punters and ruins the fun of playing online blackjack. Instead of adopting cheating techniques, you should spend time honing your skills to improve your chances of winning.

Playing blackjack without losing leads to rigorous scrutiny, and you could face legal action for any misconduct. Many famous gamblers now face punishments like financial penalties, casino bans, blacklisting, and more for fraudulent activities.

Therefore, we advise punters to play the game using legitimate strategies at top online casinos to enjoy a memorable gambling experience. You can perfect your skills by playing free blackjack titles online.

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