MONOPOLY Live 101: Beginner’s Guide

Dean McHugh
14 September 2023

One of the most iconic board games of all time, MONOPOLY was first launched in 1933 and instantly captured the hearts of players everywhere. In the following decades, the love affair with the property board game has never waned, and there are now multiple different themed versions available to play.

These variations extend to the digital world, where the standard dice-rolling action has been fused with live casino action. The result is MONOPOLY Live, an online live dealer game created by Evolution which offers the best of both worlds.

But how do you play MONOPOLY Live, and does it really capture the essence of its physical ancestor? We take a deep dive into what’s on offer, with full details in our beginner’s guide.

MONOPOLY Live: The Basics

As the game opens, you might not notice much similarity to MONOPOLY but don’t forget that this is two different games merged into one! The live dealer action is streamed from the dedicated studio, which is dominated by a huge money wheel.

If you’ve played Evolution titles before, you might recognise this wheel as this style is common in its live dealer games, such as Funky Time and Dream Catcher. However, on this occasion, Mr MONOPOLY will be putting in an appearance too.

Players bet on the numbers on the wheel, with the aim of predicting the right outcome of the spin. However, if a bonus lands, players will be taken to a completely different board which replicates the traditional MONOPOLY game.

During the bonus game, you’ll move around the board, collecting prizes as you go – but not everyone will take part in the bonus round as you have to bet on dedicated bonus segments to be included.

How to Play MONOPOLY Live

MONOPOLY Live starts with a money wheel similar to roulette but with fewer numbers. Players have to predict where the wheel will finish after it’s spun, and they’ll win a prize if they guess correctly.

The money wheel has 54 segments, and when the wheel spins, it can land on any of these 54 segments. There are 48 numbered segments, plus four segments for the bonus and one for Chance.

Before the wheel is spun, players must bet on one or more of the segments. If the wheel lands on the same segment, the player wins, and the bet is paid. It’s trickier than it sounds because there isn’t an equal number of segments for each number. The fewer segments there are, the higher the potential payout. Players can opt to bet on any of the numbers, and they can bet on more than one number at once.

The Chance segment is the only one that players can’t bet on. If the wheel lands here, qualifying players will receive whatever the Chance segment contains. We’ll discuss the Chance prizes in more detail further on in this guide.

If the wheel just lands on one of the numbered segments, players who bet on that number will receive an instant payout. The board is wiped clean, and players can bet again on the next spin.

The gameplay is pretty speedy, with Mr MONOPOLY taking part in the action. Careful bankroll management is needed because each spin of the wheel is swift. If you don’t carefully budget, you could end up blowing your whole bankroll in just a few spins.

The only exception to the fast gameplay is if the wheel lands on the bonus segments. This can take a while to play out and provides a pause in the rapid spinning of the wheel.

There are four segments of the wheel which relate to the bonus section of the game: three for 2 Rolls and one segment for 4 Rolls. Both of these trigger the same bonus game, but as the name suggests, 2 Rolls gives you two dice throws while 4 Rolls gives you four.

To play in the bonus round, you’ll need to bet on it in advance. If you don’t bet on the bonus round and it’s triggered, you’ll be a spectator while it plays out and won’t be eligible to receive any of the prizes.

You’ll also need to bet on the right version of the bonus to be included in the gameplay. For example, if you bet on 2 Rolls and the wheel lands on 4 Rolls, you won’t be taking part in the bonus.

You can choose to bet on both, either or none of the bonus rounds – the choice is yours! If you prefer to stick to a strategy of betting on the main numbers, that’s fine.

Playing the Bonus Rounds

If you bet on one of the two bonus round segments, and this is where the wheel lands, you’ll have the chance to collect cash prizes by playing the bonus. If you don’t bet on the bonus round, you’ll still be able to watch it play out, which is useful if you’ve never played the game before.

The bonus is set on a 3 version of the MONOPOLY board, which will delight fans of the original game. Mr MONOPOLY moves around the board, with the number of spaces dictated by a roll of a pair of dice. You’ll get either two or four rolls of the dice, depending on which type of bonus round was triggered.

There are 40 different spaces on the board, and the vast majority of these will reward you with a payout. But beware! It is possible to lose money too. If this happens, the money will only be deducted from any bonus winnings and won’t affect your main balance.

The types of spaces and the relative payouts are shown in the table below:

Property22x1 to x10,000
Utility2x1 to x10,000
Go to Jail1Roll a double to be released
Visiting Jail1No payment or penalty
Free Parking1No payment or penalty
Chance Cards3Penalty or cash prize
Community Chest3Penalty or cash prize
Income Tax1Penalty of 10% of bonus winnings
Super Tax1Penalty of 20% of bonus winnings
GO1Doubles the value of any new cash prizes

The gameplay is a bit different than the traditional board game as there’s no need to try and build hotels or acquire a property empire. But the image on screen looks just like the traditional board; the only difference is that these properties will pay out as you land on them rather than you having to pay rent to another player!

Mr MONOPOLY will collect all of the prizes that he lands on, and at the end of the bonus you’ll receive the total value. If you roll the same number on both dice at any point, you’ll receive an extra throw.

Chance Payouts

The Chance segment offers a random payout and the potential for unlimited prizes. There are two possible outcomes; one awards a prize to all players, while the other offers an increased payout, but only if you bet on the correct number.

There are two Chance segments on the main wheel, and Mr MONOPOLY will determine which type of prize is awarded. When the wheel lands on Chance, Mr MONOPOLY will appear with a card that reveals what’s on offer.

The first type of prize is a cash payout awarded to all players that take part in the round. If you place a bet and the wheel lands on Chance, if it’s a cash prize selected, everyone will receive a payout.

However, the Chance segment may also award a multiplier. This means that the wheel is spun again, and the payout for this winning number will be increased by the multiplier.

If you’re lucky, the wheel may land on the Chance segment consecutively. When this happens, there’s the potential for the prize to rocket. This is because multipliers aren’t simply added; they’re multiplied together.

The multipliers can keep increasing with no upper limit, which means it’s theoretically possible to claim the top £500,000 payout for the game if the wheel keeps spinning in your favour!

Payouts and RTP

It’s possible to alter the RTP and volatility of MONOPOLY Live by choosing to bet on different segments. Not all of the segments offer the same payouts and have different levels of volatility and RTP.

The table below shows what’s on offer from each of the segments on the wheel:

2 Rolls3Up to x10,0005.55%93.90%
4 Rolls1Up to x10,0001.86%93.67%

As can be seen from the above table, there’s a wide variance in the number of segments for each number. With 22 segments, number 1 is the segment with the lowest volatility, and the greatest probability of winning. However, because the payout is only 1:1, the number 1 segment doesn’t have the highest RTP. The number 2 segment has the highest RTP because it balances a reasonably high number of segments with a higher payout than number 1.

Of course, the RTP is only the average return and individual experiences may be very different. For example, a player could bet on the bonus round and trigger it on their first turn, giving the potential to collect up to x10,000.

The above table should only be considered a guide, and you should always bet responsibly and stick within your budget.

Where to Play MONOPOLY Live

If all of the above has whetted your appetite, the only question that remains is where you can play MONOPOLY Live.

As it’s a game created by Evolution, you’ll be able to find live MONOPOLY at many of the casinos that offer other live dealer games by the same studio.

However, to get you started, you might want to take a look at online casinos such as LeoVegas, Mr Q, All British Casino, SlotStars and Peachy Games.

Reasons to Play MONOPOLY Live

If you’re a seasoned casino player, you’ll already know there’s a whole host of slots, live dealer games, and table games to explore, so why choose MONOPOLY Live?

Here are just some of the reasons why it’s so popular with players:

  • Simple rules which are quick to learn
  • Fun 3D MONOPOLY bonus round
  • Unlimited multipliers offer huge potential for payouts
  • Up to x10,000 in the bonus round
  • Authentic MONOPOLY gameplay
  • Range of RTP and volatility options available
  • Interactive and upbeat live dealer format
  • Created by one of the leading software providers


MONOPOLY Live is a live dealer game from Evolution that aims to capture the essence of the original, much-loved board game in a casino format. The result is a simple yet thoroughly enjoyable game that fuses elements of regular casino play with the MONOPOLY brand.

One of the reasons why MONOPOLY Live is so popular is that it can be enjoyed by new and experienced players alike. If you’re brand new to casinos, you can stick to the low-volatility betting options, while those with more experience can experiment with different strategies to get the best returns.

MONOPOLY Live has the delightful Mr MONOPOLY guiding the action and is expertly hosted by the live dealers at Evolution. If you’re looking for a genuine casino playing experience, MONOPOLY Live delivers on every element.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about MONOPOLY Live

  1. What Is The Aim Of Playing MONOPOLY Live?

    Players must try to guess which segment the wheel will land on; guess correctly and you’ll win a cash payout. It’s possible to win even more by correctly predicting when the wheel will trigger the bonus round.

  2. Do I Need To Know How To Play Regular MONOPOLY To Play MONOPOLY Live?

    No! There is an element of autoplay, plus the live dealer will guide players through each section of the game so you’ll know exactly what’s happening and when. Other than placing your bet on each spin, you’ll be able to sit back and watch the gameplay unfold.

  3. Is There An App For MONOPOLY Live?

    You won’t find an app available for MONOPOLY Live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it on your mobile devices. Evolution specifically created its live dealer games to be compatible with mobile play, so the game is fully optimised for mobile devices.

  4. Can I Play A Demo Game For MONOPOLY Live?

    As MONOPOLY Live is a live dealer game, there is no demo version available. However, you can enter the game and simply observe for as long as you want; there’s no mandatory requirement to bet.

  5. What’s The Maximum Amount That Can Be Won Playing MONOPOLY Live?

    Players can win up to £500,000 playing MONOPOLY Live, and a maximum of x10,000 during the bonus round.

  6. How Much Can Be Bet While Playing MONOPOLY Live?

    Players bet on each spin of the wheel, with a minimum of 0.10 to 2500.00 per bet.

  7. What Is The Easiest Bet To Win In MONOPOLY Live?

    There are 23 number 1 segments which means it’s the bet which has the greatest probability of winning.

  8. Can I Use Cryptocurrency To Play MONOPOLY Live?

    MONOPOLY Live is available at a range of online casinos, so it’s possible to use cryptocurrency, provided this is one of the payment methods that your chosen casino accepts.

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