Analysing Trends in Betting Lines

Dean McHugh
7 September 2023

Whatever experience you have with sports betting, you have probably heard of betting lines or one of the other synonym terms such as odds or spreads. These are the probabilities that have been calculated by a bookmaker. I think they are particularly essential because they define the amount you will be paid if you win.

Because of the importance of betting lines, it is essential that you are always placing your bets with the right bookmaker so that you can maximise your chances of success. However, I can see plenty more important uses for analysing betting lines, including providing insights on how the market is responding to team and player form, injuries, and other factors that could influence the outcome of a match. Betting line analysis can also reveal how other sports bettors place their bets.

I hope this article will help you to better understand betting lines and give you the tools you need to make use of them while you are gambling.

Understanding Betting Lines

All great bookmakers will offer you a great range of different betting lines. This variety gives you more ways to win and a more diverse sports betting experience. The three main betting lines are point spreads, money lines, and over/under totals, which I have outlined in the section below:

Point Spreads

Point spreads are a simple bet where you decide the number of points you expect your chosen team to win or lose by. For example, if Manchester City is playing Spurs, I would consider placing a point spread bet of 2 in favour of Manchester City.

Money Lines

Money lines are an even simpler bet. In this case, all you are predicting is the team that will win the game. The odds for this type of bet are presented as positive or negative to show how much you would win.

For example, if you are placing a bet on a game between Barcelona and Real Madrid, and Barcelona has a money line of -150, that means you would need to wager £150 to win £100 if Barcelona won. Meanwhile, if Real Madrid had a money line of +200, a £100 bet for Real Madrid would yield a £200 payout.

Over and Under

Over and under bets are similarly simple. In this case, the bookmaker will state their prediction of goals scored in total, and you must bet on whether the actual total will be more or less.

Data Collection and Sources

I don’t think it is possible to understate the importance of using reliable data when you are analysing trends in betting lines. Using false data will only lead to you making the wrong decisions and losing money.

Luckily, there are many places you can go to get reliable information on betting lines. I have outlined these in a list below:

  • Sportsbooks: the most accurate way to access odds is the sportsbooks themselves, although I find looking at each individual sportsbook to be very time-consuming.
  • Online comparison sites: you can find several websites that bring betting lines together in a user-friendly interface, but you will have to trust a third party.
  • Betting exchanges: I love betting exchanges because they help bettors to wager against each other and provide you with opportunities to understand player and market sentiments.
  • APIs (Application Programming Interfaces): some sports data providers give open access to APIs which allow users to bring betting line data directly onto their websites in real-time.
  • Blogs: I sometimes find all this data confusing. Using reputable blogs can help you to decode complex betting line data.

Popular Sports for Trend Analysis

The most popular sports for trend analysis are ones that have the most variable conditions that can change betting lines and betting trends and are popular enough to force bookmakers to offer highly competitive odds.

Football is an immensely popular sport for trend analysis because it is the UK’s most popular sport, and every bookmaker will operate multiple betting lines on even lower league games. Moreover, there is good availability of data on team performance, player statistics, and injuries. I also find looking at head-to-head records is particularly helpful.

Horse racing has a great heritage in the UK which is one reason that it is so popular for trend analysis. However, it is also popular because punters can use track conditions, form analysis, and jockey-horse pairings, which can help predict outcomes.

Identifying Patterns and Outliers

Detecting patterns and outliers can be immensely helpful to your sports betting career because it can give you a competitive edge. I find that patterns and outliers are most useful when they show you value betting opportunities. This is where a bookmaker has made an error when setting odds, and they are more generous than the rest of the market. Value betting means that if the bet comes off, you will make a better profit.

There are lots of techniques that will help you to identify such trends. Firstly, you can use data visualisation techniques to spot unexpected variations from the norm. Meanwhile, regression analysis can help you to identify relations between variables. Finally, the best analysis technique for new bettors is odds comparison, where you simply compare odds between different sports books to identify ones that are offering unusually favourable odds.

Impact of Key Factors on Betting Lines

Several key factors in the run-up to a game can impact the betting lines available to players. I have listed common examples below with a case of how that could impact a betting line:

  • Injuries: if a star player is unlikely to play in a game, bookmakers will believe their team is less likely to win and offer you more favourable odds for betting on them winning. For example, if Harry Kane is injured before a Tottenham game, you would expect to see bookmakers giving better odds on Tottenham to win.
  • Weather conditions: poor weather produces lower-scoring games. We can expect bookmakers to predict a lower score for over/under bets.
  • Team performance: when a team is on a winning streak, their money lines will pay out less well. For example, when Leicester City started the 2015/2016 season, betting on them to win gave great odds as they were picked for relegation. However, as their form was excellent once the season started, punters saw substantially less favourable odds when betting on Leicester to win.

Line Movement Analysis

Line movement is the changes in any type of betting line in the run-up to a sporting event. Many factors mentioned previously can lead to betting lines changing, including team sheets, injuries, weather, and how other bettors have been wagering.

The primary implication for bettors is that the amount they will win if their bet comes off depends on if they place their bets early or late because the odds will change. If you bet early, you might secure better odds before the bookmakers adjust to such circumstances, but if you wait, you will place a bet with more information.

Line movement can often be used for predictive purposes. As the bookies move their odds based on the key factors impacting betting lines, this will confirm or challenge your predictions. Watching the line movements may make you feel secure about an earlier bet or may encourage you to rethink your predictions and bet differently.

Historical Analysis and Regression Models

Many expert sports bettors make use of trend analysis. They can use historical data to gather insights on past betting lines and outcomes. Meanwhile, regression models process this data to identify relationships and patterns that can inform your betting behaviour.

There are lots of benefits to historical analysis and regression models. The primary aspects to be aware of are that they can help you to identify patterns in odds. If bookmakers offer unusual odds compared to the fixtures in previous years, there may be value betting opportunities. Furthermore, using these techniques gives you access to empirical evidence, and data-driven betting will usually have better outcomes than just using your intuition.

However, there are some limitations. Primarily, the outcome of sporting events is fundamentally unpredictable. Whatever historical factors indicate a particular result, an upset is always possible. Moreover, your data-backed bets will be inaccurate if you can’t access all of the data available, yet gaining comprehensive data can be expensive or time-consuming.

The Role of Big Data and AI in Betting Trends

AI is an emergent technology in nearly all industries, and sports betting is no different. Betting line analysis is fundamentally a task in processing a huge amount of data, and AI-powered tools are showing their strength to analyse sports betting data at an unprecedented scale. It can therefore make more accurate predictions than ever before. Current AI tools for analysing betting trends can be summarised into the following categories:

  • Natural language processing: a tool that uses media posts to gauge sentiment that will influence betting lines.
  • Time series analysis: a tool that tracks the movement of a betting line over time and can speculate on how it will move in the future.
  • Reinforcement learning: a tool that is exposed to betting markets for long enough for it to learn the best betting strategies.

Some tools use ensemble methods to combine multiple AI functions, so you don’t have to use a different tool for each function.

Common Mistakes in Trend Analysis

Betting line analysis can also harm your success in online gambling if it leads to you making poor decisions.

A common mistake is to overreact to short-term trends. Don’t just look at a recent winning streak, but instead, try to understand the team’s performance in a broader context. This will reveal if you are just looking at a temporary run of form.

You also shouldn’t only rely on data. Make sure you use intuition to spot factors that the data wouldn’t pick up on. For example, if Liverpool is playing Everton in the Merseyside Derby, you can expect the players to be highly motivated in a way that could impact the outcome.

Finally, even the best sports bettors have no guarantee of winning, and therefore, you should always follow the fundamentals of responsible gambling. This includes constant bankroll management, avoiding chasing losses, and setting limits so that you always stay in control.

Practical Applications for Bettors

Any of the techniques described in this article will not work if you don’t use the right techniques for trend analysis, as you will be working with the wrong data in the wrong way.

Firstly, you must make your data comprehensive. It should cover a wide breadth of factors to a strong degree of depth.

Next, you must use this data to spot patterns that have existed over a long period. Covering performance over multiple seasons will give you a much fuller picture when you are making predictions.

However, that does not mean you can neglect short-term factors. Combine your long-term analysis with an understanding of short-term attributes like weather, recent signings, and injuries.

Finally, make sure that your bets are diversified. Sports are far too unpredictable for you to place all of your bankroll on a single outcome.

The Future of Betting Line Analysis

You are coming into betting line analysis at a time when everything is changing, and new technology is revolutionising how bettors conduct betting line analysis. This goes far beyond AI, as mentioned previously.

One example is the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. More players are now using wearable devices that can transmit information across a range of performance metrics live. This will change the way that sportsbooks set odds in play.

Another big change is the decentralisation of betting platforms because of blockchain technology. This allows players to bet against each other rather than bookmakers. This gives expert sports bettors opportunities to challenge each other in a battle of wits.


Sports bettors cannot afford to ignore betting line analysis when they are placing their bets. Embracing this data-driven approach can drastically increase your chances of success and level the playing field between yourself and the bookies.

Line analysis is changing a huge amount at the moment because of the range of new technologies that continue to impact the sports betting industry. Adopting these rapidly and effectively is your best way to get ahead.

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