Lightning Roulette: All You Need to Know

31 January 2023

Roulette is a popular casino game named after a French word that means “little wheel”. The game uses a wheel and a ball, and the dealer spins the wheel in different directions, with the ball spinning around the circular track at the outer part of the wheel. It has been around for many years and is very common among gamblers in the UK and worldwide. It has a straightforward rule which makes the gaming experience thrilling.

Brief History of Lightning Roulette

Lightning roulette is one of the most popular games in the UK. This roulette variation was launched in 2018 by Evolution Gaming. It became an instant hit among gamblers, winning several laurels at the Global Gaming and EGR Awards.

Though similar to the traditional European version, Lightning Roulette has a unique twist guaranteeing a superb gaming experience as well as better wins and payouts. Also, it offers interesting features, such as single or multiple bets, that allow players to win up to 500 times their bet. Now that you know a bit of Lightning Roulette’s history, read further to learn about the different betting options.

Betting in Lightning Roulette

The bets in lightning roulette are diverse but can be categorised into an outside bet or an inside bet – similar to regular Roulette. A few common roulette bets include:

  • Straight or single bet: In this type, players bet on a single number or numbers, and the chip is placed entirely within the square for the chosen number.
  • Street bet: This bet is placed on three consecutive numbers in a horizontal line, for example, 3-4-5, and the chip is placed on the number at the outer edge of either end of the line.
  • Split bet: This bet is placed on two horizontally or vertically adjacent numbers, with the chip on the edge shared by the numbers.
  • Corner bet: This is a bet on four numbers that meet at one corner, with the chip in the common corner.
  • Six line or double street bet: It is placed on six consecutive numbers from two horizontal lines.
  • Trio bet: This is a bet on three numbers, including at least one zero.

How to Win Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette adopts most of the European roulette rules in its gameplay. The only difference is that after the roulette spins and the croupier pulls a lever, all the panels on the wheel are struck, and lucky numbers, from 1 to 5, are chosen randomly.

The numbers are struck with a lightning multiplier between 50x and 500x and are revealed after placing all bets. You also have various betting options, such as betting on a single number or groups, number-colour combinations, and more. However, these bets boast varying odds.

The bet groupings are based on the colour, which could be red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high, low, or thirds of the board. The high numbers are numbers nineteen to thirty-six (19-36), while the low numbers are numbers one to eighteen (1-18). The game uses a wheel and a ball to determine the winning number.

After placing all bets, the dealer spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite. The ball passes through an area of deflectors and eventually falls onto one of the thirty-seven coloured and numbered pockets on the wheel. If the roulette ball lands on any of the multipliers, that is, the lucky numbers stricken by the lightning, and you bet on the same number, you win 50x to 500x your stake.

How Multipliers Work in Lightning Roulette

After you have placed your bets, an automatic random number generator creates several “lucky numbers” and their corresponding values. For each game round, 1-5 numbers are randomly selected as the lightning number, and each of the numbers will pay out from 50x to 500x of your wager; that is, multipliers on each number could be 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, 500x.

All lucky numbers and their respective payout values are randomly generated. To further illustrate, if you place a straight bet on numbers 8, 15, 27, and 36 with £4 each, the random number generator produces three lucky numbers- 7, 15, and 18, with payout values of 100x, 200x, and 300x.

If the roulette ball lands in pocket 15 on the wheel, it means your payout will be higher, and this is because the multiplier number “15” has a value of 200x. You will be paid based on your wager at odds of 200:1, which is 200×4.

Best Strategies for Lightning Roulette

As lightning roulette includes lucky payouts and lucky numbers, the odds for straight-up wins are 29:1 without the multiplier. This is lower than the 35:1 paid with traditional roulette.

To increase your chances, there are tips and roulette betting strategies that you can adopt in this game. These strategies have proven to help increase payouts in the long run, but they do not always come out positive. With patience and consistency, you can achieve good results with the following strategies in this roulette variation:

Bet on straight numbers

The biggest win in lightning roulette occurs when you bet on Straight numbers. To improve your chances of winning, betting on these numbers on the wheels rather than variations of colours, red/ black, or groups such as odds/ even numbers or high or low numbers is the best. You can place a bet on one or more numbers to increase your payout.

To illustrate, if you stake one pound on every number on the wheel, it results in a total of £37. The lowest win on this bet is 30£. Using the single number payout odds of 29:1 times your stake, you lose £7. However, if you get the 500x multiplier, you receive a payout of 501£.

The Paroli strategy

This strategy works similarly to the reverse Martingale strategy, which states that you double down when you win instead of doing so only when you lose.

For instance, if you bet £5 during the first round and lose, you bet £5 on the next. However, if you place a bet of £5 and win in the second round, your next bet must be 10£. If you win again, you increase the bet to £20 and so on. If you lose again, you return to the £5 bet. This strategy boosts your payout while you have a winning streak.

Previous statistics and results usage strategy

Visit CasinoScores to check the latest statistics of lightning roulette, which might come in handy when planning your game. There you can view past results and statistics from up to 500 past rounds. This data guides you during each round and improves your winnings in the long run. In this strategy, players use data from previous lightning games to place bets on numbers that have appeared most frequently as lightning numbers.

Bonuses usage strategy

Another strategy for lightning roulette is to use bonuses to boost your bankroll. Many online casinos in the UK now give bonuses to their new and existing customers. These bonuses come as a welcome bonus for new customers and weekly or monthly rewards for loyal players.

This simple strategy leaves you playing through several rounds of lightning roulette with free casino funds instead of yours. Terms and conditions may apply for withdrawal, so ensure you read them.

The voucher strategy

The voucher strategy is one of the most recommended tactics for Lightning Roulette. It works by spreading out your chips on one or two lines, after which the first and the last numbers help the user to decide how much to wager. This strategy demands that you divide your chips in a certain way to get the best from them.

If the player wins, they continue working on the smaller line and cross numbers. On the contrary, if the player loses, they add their previous bet to the end of the line and continue working on the long line.

Wager spread

To beat lightning roulette, spreading your wager around is a profitable strategy. You can decide to choose a small number of straight-up bets and take a cover by placing a bet on either red or black if the ball doesn’t land on the pocket of any of your numbers.

For instance, if you place a £20 wager on the black and cover it with £10 straight-up red numbers. If the number comes up black, you’ll earn profits, and if the numbers come out red, you could win 29/1 on a straight number or get lucky with the multipliers.


Lightning roulette is a popular casino game that provides UK gamblers with an exciting experience worth playing; it is particularly thrilling because of the high payout due to the lucky numbers and multipliers.

Although Lightning roulette can be played like classic European roulette, the multipliers and wide betting limits make it unique and more exciting. For this reason, Lightning roulette is enjoyed by gamblers all over the UK and worldwide. The strategies described in this article do not guarantee your wins, but they have been useful in helping gamblers extend their playtime.

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