Differences Between Online and Land-based Roulette

23 January 2023

In the 80s and 90s, land-based casinos were the rave among gamblers, with most venues packed to the brim every night. However, after Microgaming launched the first online casino in 1994, more punters switched to playing on desktops and mobile devices. This is the trend to this day, though there have been significant advancements with new features previously unavailable at traditional casinos.

Nowadays, players can access a wide variety of online roulette titles compared to gambling venues which only offer as many games as the available tables. Instead of driving for hours to play, you enjoy instant access to quality roulette variations by top software providers. This article reviews the differences between online and land-based roulette. Read further to learn more.

What is Land-based Roulette?

Roulette is a popular casino game originating in France in the late 1700s. For centuries, it was played in traditional gambling venues on tables. This game of chance has been modified over the years with many extra features for more exciting gameplay. For instance, there is an American version with an additional 00 slot and green 0 spaces.

Land-based roulette involves players visiting an establishment with a beautiful ambience to play against dealers on tables fitted with large wheels. The roulette wheel has 36 sections numbered 1 to 36 and is coloured red and black alternately. To start playing, the dealer spins it and drops the ball on edge. Punters can place bets on colour/number combinations, and their fate is decided by the ball’s final position.

How does Online Roulette work?

Online roulette works similarly to the traditional game. However, it is an internet version, only accessible via mobile devices and desktops. Punters can play quality roulette variations by downloading a mobile app or visiting the online casino’s website. The main advantage of this internet version is that players enjoy a wide range of roulette titles by renowned software companies without leaving their homes.

This ease of access and simple gameplay make the online casino game a popular choice among punters. Furthermore, players only have to tap a button on their screens to spin the wheels after placing their bets. You will find a pay table containing information about the various payouts based on the chosen numbers. Gambling sites use software with RNGs to ensure all outcomes are fair while playing roulette.

Differences between Land-based and Online Roulette

Online roulette has gradually overshadowed the traditional game, becoming the gold standard for most players worldwide. However, it is crucial to highlight the differences between land-based and online roulette titles. It helps you understand the best option for a great gambling experience.

Ease of Play

With the internet version, players can access quality gaming options anytime and anywhere alone. You can simply wake up in your room and visit the casino lobby to play your favourite roulette titles on your smartphone or tablet.

Unlike the land-based game, punters get to spin the wheels anywhere, anytime. Virtual roulette features a button that kick starts the gameplay, though you can make the spins faster using the turbo mode. It is purely based on chance, so you become familiar with the basic roulette rules after a few attempts.

Game Variety

Since its inception, several roulette games have been released at online and offline casinos. At the physical venues, players can access limited options, including European, American, and French Roulette.

However, online casinos boast an impressive selection of top roulette variations by reputable software providers with sleek animations, unique gameplay, and exciting bonus features. These games are variants of the types mentioned above and others like multi-wheel, 3D, and Pinball roulette. Therefore, you will always find exciting gaming options from the diverse collection at casino sites, no matter your preferences. In terms of game variety, online roulette beats the land-based version, hands down.

Technological Improvements

The online roulette table is merely a digital representation of the original game, accessible via computers and phones. Due to vast technological advancements, players can now enjoy several titles with sleek animations and unique gameplay. Unlike traditional roulette which uses a large wheel, the outcomes of the internet version are determined by a random number generator.

Over the years, more online roulette games have been released by the best software companies with attractive bonus features for a rewarding experience. Also, they boast a live chat feature allowing dealers to communicate easily with punters.

Bonuses and In-Game Features

There are various bonuses available at top UK gambling sites to play roulette games. After registering, they boost a new punter’s bankroll with funds on their first deposit. The welcome package is mostly a match bonus, crediting your balance with a percentage of the initial deposit amount.

At some casino sites, players can wager the bonus funds on roulette for free in the lobby to satisfy the wagering requirements. Furthermore, existing customers also receive promotional offers, providing the means to play real money roulette games. Many titles boast in-game bonus features that make roulette gameplay more exciting.

Minimum Betting Limits

The minimum bets on land-based roulette differ between the gaming venues. While some games allow wagers as low as £5, others are set at £25. Though you might find these amounts affordable, the minimum bets are even lower in online roulette. These titles boast £0.10 wagers, making them a perfect option for low rollers.

Loyalty Reward Programs

Existing punters are eligible for amazing rewards from online and land-based casino loyalty programs. At physical establishments, customers have to fill out an application or visit the player’s desk to become a member of the VIP club. Also, you must submit your club card to the dealer or pit boss and play high wagers to ensure you are rated.

Conversely, the loyalty rewards at top online roulette casinos are simple to claim. Once you sign up and deposit to play real money games, you become eligible for these offers. Most sites use a loyalty ladder with different levels boasting increasing perks as you gain more comp points. A few VIP rewards include cashback, special roulette bonuses, birthday promos, and dedicated account managers.

Gameplay Speed

Another disadvantage of playing roulette at land-based casinos is that you have no control over the game speed. Unfortunately, how fast the game moves depends on the dealer and other players at these tables. While the croupier regularly interacts with punters, the land-based roulette game might move too slowly or quickly for their skill level.

Players have full control over their gameplay with online roulette. They can spin the wheels at normal speed, while there is a turbo mode button for a faster play rate. Also, it is possible to slow the game down, so you can easily understand the basic roulette rules. This internet version allows endless breaks without the risk of losing your seat at the table.

Free Roulette Games

Although traditional roulette casinos provide tutorials on the basic rules and gameplay, you must hold some cash whenever you wish to play their titles. However, online casinos offer the chance to play roulette for free anywhere and anytime.

Once you create an account, you become eligible to start playing these games on your smartphones and tablets without bearing any financial risks. There are many roulette titles available in the demo mode at top gambling sites. This helps you understand the gameplay of several interesting variations before committing to real money wagers.

Top-Notch Live Casino Experience

No matter how hard a casino site tries, its online roulette games cannot compete with the traditional version in terms of ambience. Though the titles are designed with realistic features like chips, tables and wheels, playing them does not feel as euphoric as visiting a physical gaming venue. Therefore, online gambling platforms offer live dealer roulette variations, allowing punters to enjoy the thrill of wagering in real time via mobile devices or desktops.

These games are set up in real-life studios and streamed via a direct link from the software providers. Furthermore, live roulette titles boast a chat feature for smooth communication with the croupier during gameplay. So, you can partake in live gaming action from the comfort of your home.

Why is Land-based Roulette a Good Option?

Despite the obvious advantages of online roulette over the traditional option, many punters still stick to them for quick gameplay. Playing from the comfort of your home sounds fun, but it does not beat the immersive atmosphere of a real gaming venue.

Another advantage of land-based roulette games is the face-to-face interactions between the dealer and players, enhancing the social aspects of gambling. Players are hardly duped at traditional casinos because they are available in person. However, some online platforms can scam customers if their services are unlicensed and fraudulent.

Is Online Roulette Any Better?

Online roulette has been the trend at most casino brands for years. This provides instant access to an exciting selection of quality roulette titles by world-class software developers via desktops or smartphones. All you need is a strong internet connection to kickstart your adventure. So, you do not have to worry about travelling far distances to play for only a few hours.

Furthermore, the game portfolios at top online casinos comprise a wider variety of online roulette titles with unique designs and seamless gameplay. These include the French, American, and European variations, plus others like mini roulette, multi-wheel, double ball, and pinball. Punters can play the games at their desired pace and take breaks without losing their spot.

Also, online casinos offer a demo mode for free roulette gameplay, which is unavailable at land-based gaming venues. The benefits of playing online roulette outweigh that of the traditional version, so it is the best option.

Does Martingale Work Best in Land-based or Online Roulette?

The Martingale strategy is popularly used by skilled roulette players, helping to reduce the effects of losing. Here is how it works.

If you bet a chip on a black and the ball lands on red, you lose it. This strategy involves doubling your next bet on black to two chips, so your payout increases if you win and cover the previous loss. If the current bet is also lost, you double your wager again to four chips and wait for the result.

This concept works similarly for online and land-based roulette variations, but it is not advisable for those with higher house edges like the American version.


Whether you are a new or seasoned punter, it is crucial to consider online and land-based roulette games before choosing where to play. Though the thrill of visiting a physical casino is unmatched, it is nothing compared to the wondrous benefits of internet roulette. Therefore, you should register at legitimate gambling sites to enjoy free and real money roulette variations by top software providers.

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